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Wildlife in india, A white tiger or a sharp leopard trying to befriend you, a pack of wild elephants staring at you, gigantic crocodiles pouncing towards you for food, Olive Ridley Turtles resting on the grass tract and the dissonance of Siberian migrant birds in winter are some of the common sights during a wildlife tour to Odisha wildlife sanctuaries of india. A wide variety of fauna is found in Odisha owing to the environmental factors. In addition to this, wildlife of india vast tracts of land have been declared as protected areas for these life forms thus alienating the latter from the devastating ways of humanity wildlife of India, wildlife sanctuaries in india.

india wildlife, Housing a considerable number of wild life sanctuaries India, wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, wildlife of india, the state has proved to be a pleasurable haven to the nature lovers. Wildlife of india, wild life in india, wild life sanctuaries of india With Simlipal National Park and Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary being acclaimed internationally, wildlife of india the state has dedicated around 4.1% of its total area to the wildlife protection drive. Wildlife india Some of the other popular sanctuaries in Odisha include Gahirmatha, Chilka, Sunabeda, Kotagarh, Karlapat and Debrigarh sanctuaries, wild life sanctuaries in india, wild life pictures, india wildlife sanctuaries.


wildlife of india One of the rare breeds of animals namely the white tigers have also been breeding successfully in Orissa. India wildlife, india wildlife sanctuaries, Odisha has also been a potential breeding ground for black panthers and gharials. A total of 110 species of reptiles including 3 species of crocodile, 19 species of amphibians, 473 species of birds and 86 species of mammals are found in the state. India wild life The fauna of the region includes Deer, Sambar, Black Panthers, Tiger, Leopard, Elephant, Hyena, Wildboar, Bear, Porcupine, Reptiles, Blackbuck, Monkey, Squirrel, Jungle Cat, Hyena, Jackel, Karanja Lizards, Chameleon and Mangoose, wild life in india, wild life sanctuaries india. wild life India, wildlife of india.


India is known for a wealthy wildlife treasure to fill your life with the real of adventure of the woodland. Wildlife India has been the attraction of tourists since ages. Tourists from all over the world come here to visit wildlife sanctuaries in India. Displaying marvelous picture of the wildlife in India, an East Indian state Orissa possesses several India wildlife sanctuaries including Nandankanan Zoological Park, Ushakothi Sanctuary, Mahandadi Wildlife Division and Simplipal National Park. These are some of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries of India. Moreover, India wildlife offers you a different level of relaxation mind and body both. Enjoying wildlife of India, you are going to get relieved from all the pains of the world outside.


Wild life India lets you witness the wilderness of some of the most dangerous animals. You can observe here some of the rare species of lions, sambals, leopards, tigers, nilgaiands, elephants, chitas, wolves, crocodiles, blackbucks, storks, ratels, pangolins, small Indian civets, mouse deer, chousinghas, sambars, hill mynas, panthers and brahminy kites, among others. India wild life also possesses numerous species of plants including bija, bamboo, sal, asan, bahada, amba, rai, palas, amala and harida groe, among others.


Other important wild life sanctuaries India located in Orissa may be listed as Satkosia Sanctuary, Ambapani Sanctuary, Khalasuni Sanctuary, Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuary and Balukhand Sancturay, among others. Wild life of India is very affluent with some of the amazing wild life sanctuaries in India. Further, India wild life has full of fun and thrill to offer you at any of the wild life sanctuaries of India. Travel enthusiasts get enthralled by the wild life in India during their visit at any of such mesmerizing wild life sanctuaries. So, you also feel the real fun of being at wild life sanctuaries India and have a lifetime experience.